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Design Approach:
  1. Define the key customer qualities and goals, and business goals for a project.
  2. Instigate a fast iterative cycle of brainstorming, ideation, prototyping, testing, and assessing to produce a short list of solutions for high-fidelity prototyping and testing.
  3. Deploy a solution which is then evaluated, and tested against established benchmarks for further improvements.
Self-starting, resourceful, professional who understands the subtleties/ramifications of code and design decisions. Possessing the unique combination of visual design abilities, deep understanding of user needs and coding experience.
Since living in California I have continued my life-long love of learning at Foothill College, DeAnza College, Stanford University, UCSC-Extension, and University of Illinois - online programs. Expanding my programming knowledge (C, Visual Basic, Javascript, Perl, SQL, Unix admin), adding to my UX toolbox, and diversifying my visual skills.


  • Photoshop, Illustrator, Visio
  • eclipse (w/SVN)
  • PHP, HTML, CSS, ColdFusion, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL