90% Increase - Endicia Account Creation

Endicia's new account creation design
Endicia account creation analytics chart.

Project Description

48% of visitors who started the account creation process stopped at step 2, they didn't complete the account creation and so didn't move to the payment setup.
We had to find out why and fix the problem.

Goal: Reduce dropoff rate by redesigning account creation process using form design best practises.

  • Interviewed customer service representatives for anecdotal feedback.
  • Contacted recently registered customers for interviews.
  • Conducted competative analyses with direct competition and other online consumer brands.
  • Sketched different process flows, form layout options, error feedback designs
  • Mocked up a selection of solutions to test with internal proxies
  • Created higher level prototypes in Keynote - tested with potential users
  • Implemented new design based on those tests
  • Results: 90% of visitors who started the account creation process completed it.
    • CSS
    • Icon Creation
    • Interaction Design
    • Prototypes
    • JavaScript