RMS(one) for Risk Management Solutions

Project Description

RMS(one) is a single page application used primarily by the re-insurance industry to upload, analyze, and review their risk exposures. Analytics can be viewed in the console for an overview and comparison; they can then be drilled into to reveal underlying details.

My Role:

  • Visually designed the application to maximize salability to our clients' C-level management.
  • Wrote the CSS with SASS so as to make themes and more efficient code.
  • Designed multiple themes.
  • Developed a coded standards guide to support development team's efficiency.
  • Standards guide was coded so developers could copy/paste the code straight into the code base.
  • Working with Product Management and Development, created prototypes, hi-fi, lo-fi, and coded, to solve various interaction problems in different modules.
  • Developed an extensive iconographic language.
  • Translated icons into a font for improved performance and being retina ready.

RMS(one) Preview RMS(one) Demo on Youtube

Workflow example Prototypes
    • CSS3
    • SASS
    • Icon Creation
    • Font icons
    • Interaction Design
    • Prototypes
    • JavaScript
    • jQuery